matchME is a Zurich/Switzerland based start-up that revolutionizes the world of matchmaking.

We combine the centuries-old knowledge of physiognomy with state-of-the art technologies to create something astonishing.


The development of the CloseUP App is the starting point of the matchME mission. CloseUP is a face analysis tool available as iOS app in the App Store.

CloseUP recognizes personality traits in faces that before had to be scanned with the smartphone camera and based on that, creates customized analyses for the respective users.

CloseUP is an App that was created solely for entertainment with the goal that people get to know themselves and others better and take this as an opportunity to start communicating with each other.

Who are we?

We are a visionary team that got to know each other in Switzerland and is about to realize a dream with the powerful support of our friends and investors.

That we are not just dreamers but a dream team demonstrates our background that is as varied as the different cultures in the world: knowledge about human beings, combined with sportsmanship, entrepreneurship and the affinity to use state-of-the art technologies to do things differently than others.

Why do we do it?

Digitization brought people together while at the same time alienated them. Social networks boom and personal contacts have become supposedly less important. The ability to assess people and to trust the gut feeling gets increasingly lost.

Our objective is to bring people again together. By knowing oneself and others better, there is a bigger chance to become happy in private and professional life. Our products shall constitute an additional puzzle to achieve this.

What are the next steps?

We are shooting for the moon! For some it is still up in the air, for us our plan soon becomes reality …..

2019: Launch CloseUP app, get users feedback, data analysis and performances improvements

2020: API development for B2B, addition of AI/Machine Learning to improve quality of the analysis, first partnerships

2021: Self serve API

Our code of ethics

matchME stands for equal treatment and inclusion.
We are explicitly expressing our opposition against discrimination and racism of whatever form. It is not our intention to exclude or discriminate against anybody with our behavior or our products, regardless of ethnic origin or political, religious or personal convictions or preferences.

We assume the same conduct from our customers, business partners or other persons or institutions that would like to stay in connection with matchME, be it personally or in writing.

Want to get in contact with us?

Do you have questions, wishes or suggestions? Or are you interested in joining us in our journey from the beginning? Then contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!